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Student Allergy Clinic


Fifth grade science teacher Roger Groom leads his students through a series of lessons on allergies. One of a 6-part series, this video models best practices for teachers' use of online  interactives that let students diagnose patients. Funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Building Capacity in Rural Libraries


Twenty  librarians from across the US were videotaped while participating in a two-day workshop. This was combined with three case studies, creating a video-based professional learning series supporting implementation of adult science programs in rural libraries. Funded by the National Science Foundation.


Partners Investing in Nursing’s Future


This collaborative effort between the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Northwest Health Foundation creates partnerships with local and regional foundations, encouraging investment in nursing workforce solutions.  Messaging to potential business and non-profit partners is a key strategy of the program.  ©Northwest Health Foundation, 2008



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