Storytelling. Everyone will tell you that they do it. But we don’t believe it starts with the story—to us it starts with the people behind the story. We get to know them, and what they care about, and why they care. Then we find the images to tell the story.

Pushing the Limits: Roxanne


Sculptor Roxanne Swentzell’s work has brought her international acclaim and personal wisdom. Benefitting from her ancestors’ thousand-year history building houses and creating pots - all from clay and straw - she has permanent installations at the Smithsonian and other institutes around the world.  She’s passed her legacy to her adult children Porter and Rose, who also share her work at the Flowering Tree Permaculture Institute.


Night Witches


Russia’s Night Witches flew bombing raids across German-occupied territory from 1942 until the end of the war. This all-woman corps focused on halting Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa, flying more than 23,000 missions in wood and canvas bi-planes. Since their out-of-date craft were so much slower than Germany’s machines, they caused the enemy’s planes to stall out—making it almost impossible to shoot them down. The Night Witches planes dedicated their payload to bombs, and heroically the women flew ...without parachutes or other support gear. Written and Directed by Hugh Neely © Timeline Films



"Doing Good Work for Good People"