Our goal at Dawson Media Group 
is to be part of the solution.

We create media for those who want to improve the world--whether through technology, education, art or good deeds.
We are passionate about our work, 
and its potential for changing people’s lives.

With more than 20 years experience creating PBS programming and national award-winning films, we excel at telling stories with heartfelt interviews, compelling images, “present day” re-enactments, and carefully researched historical recreations.  

Whether you are a non-profit corporation or a for-profit business with a double bottom line, we can guide you through the production of film, video, or web-based content to reach your audience with your message.  We enjoy working in consensus-based environments, meeting and exceeding the expectations of Boards and Committees.

 We work in all media and platforms ...16mm, 35mm, high definition video, web, DVD, and emerging technologies.

Our Productions


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Shooting in Pompeii      Photo: Brian Garbellini

Doing Good Work... 
for Good People

Reviewing blocking with Civil War re-enactors   Photo: Tami Galvin

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